From Darkness To Destiny

Rescuing sexually abused and exploited teenage girls –

Restoring them to a life of salvation, hope, purpose,

and favor in Jesus Christ.


Safe from abuse and having their daily needs met in a place to call home,

each girl can begin to dream about their future.


She is provided with Christ-centered, restorative, whole-person care –

for the spirit, soul, and body.

Our Programs

Grace-Driven Processes | Transformation-Focused Programs

Ester House
There is no other home in Honduras that provides the level of excellence in care to victims of abuse and exploitation as Casa de Ester. Founded in 2011, the Esther House is the entry point for each girl rescued from abuse.

The girls living at the Esther House are equipped with strong academic, spiritual, and life skills programs. 24/7 residential care is provided by onsite Christian psychologist and counselors.

Legacy House
Casa Legado is a city-based transition home for CdE graduates. Under the care and discipleship of an on-site House Supervisor, each resident can continue both educational and vocational opportunities in a safe and supportive Christian environment.
Half of all babies born to teenage girls in Honduras are a result of rape. Our vision is to provide trauma-based soulcare, medical aid, and residential support to the teenage victims and their child – restoring hope while preventing tomorrow’s orphan.

Get Involved

no one can do everything, but we can all do something

God is the owner; we are the stewards. With stewardship comes responsibility and accountability. Casa de Ester is dedicated to delivering frontline ministry while providing transparent reporting to our partners. Every contribution is 100% tax-deductible.
Bring your passion, your creativity, and your talent! The possibilities are limitless. Share your passion and the CdE vision with your family, friends, church, coworkers, and community. Invite CdE staff to speak – or allow us to equip you to be the voice yourself!
If you are interested in helping to advance the ministry of Casa de Ester through service stateside, we invite you to become a CdE Ambassador! Casa de Ester is also offers short-term missionary opportunities to women interested in pursuing God’s calling on their lives.
Experience firsthand the transformation taking place through the daily ministry at Casa de Ester. With trips to Honduras throughout the year, we invite you to come visit, discover the vision, and build lasting relationships with our Casa de Ester staff and girls.

Get Involved

no one can do everything, but we can all do something

Our Values

4 Guiding Values | 12 Non-Negotiables


Message of the love of Christ at the forefront

Biblical foundation, walls, and roof

Serve as the body of Christ


Grace-driven processes with transformation-focused programs

Discipleship through relationship over religion

Whole-person care for each individual


Obedience of faith

Sow today what you hope to reap tomorrow

Quality over quantity


Develop and empower local leadership

Identify/Equip/Support or Pioneer

Transparent financials with frontline wartime focus

Our Leadership

Empowered Local Leaders | Missionary Stateside Support

Richard & Johana

Joining the Casa de Ester staff in 2012, Richard and Johana both served in entry-level support positions. Today, they now lead the daily ministry of Casa de Ester as Director of Operations and Director of Resident Care. They are an incredible example of followers of Christ and servant-leaders, seeking God first in their marriage and in ministry.


With over a decade of experience serving international ministries in Honduras, Ileana has served Casa de Ester since the dream was first conceived. Today, she oversees all legal coordination, HR, and accounting in Honduras. While her giftings are invaluable, her heart for the girls is what truly sets her ablaze as she reflects a Godly mother’s love.

Michael & Valina

Michael & Valina served in Honduras as Casa de Ester Directors for nearly 4 years, assuming leadership of the ministry through seasons of refinement and growth. Today, they provide leadership, vision, and stateside support while creating awareness and advancing the response (raising 100% of their personal support separate from CdE).

Our Gallery

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Girls Rescued

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Your Testimonies

Discover the heart of Casa de Ester through our partners and visitors

"To see teenage girls who have endured so much pain, wear smiles on their faces, accept us with open grateful hearts, and have a hunger for the word of God, was one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed in my life."


"The work that is being done here is just incredible. It’s remarkable. It’s almost indescribable to see how God has taken this staff here and changed lives that were throw-away children. Someone had thrown them away, and they have suffered things that most of us would never be able to imagine. But the deliverance of God in the hands and feet of God who are here working with these kids is probably one of the most impressive situations in the ministry I have ever seen."


"It means so much to me to get to spend time with the girls. Just to see their growth - how they blossom and grow year over year. This year I could see so much positive growth!"



"I have had other experiences with transition homes both here and abroad. The level of excellence that has gone into the functionality of the transition house is second to none that I have seen. All of the girls we met at Legacy House were happy and joyful. It really spoke a lot to their time at Casa de Ester."



"Seeing firsthand the transformation of the young women at Casa de Ester, I am committed to help change lives. My partnership helps provide a steady source of funds that provides stability to the ministry and enables plans for growth."



"I left a piece of my heart with the girls at Casa de Ester. I was truly touched by the purity of heart each girl had with all they had seen and been through. The whole experience has taught me more than words can express."


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